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GPC Response to Covid-19 Corona Virus Crisis (April 27):

From The GPC Session And Pastor

Pastors and Church leaders are always juggling the many balls in the air that represent the concerns of a congregation.  In Church and church work we are always juggling time, problems, challenges, schedules and other matters.  In this time of pandemic, we have had a lot of balls in the air to juggle.

On behalf of the Session we want to commend everyone—members and friends of the Greencastle Presbyterian Church, for your patience, generosity and for showing the best of your faith and practice as disciples of Jesus.  You have come together and although the church building is closed, the Church is open and at work in many ways and places.  Thanks too, for tuning in to the Sunday worship services online and to the daily encouragement videos on our Facebook page and are now available on our website without needed to have a Facebook page.

So many have made and given away face-masks. The Deacons are checking in with everyone in their care cells. The Food Pantry is meeting real needs in the community. The Prayer Ministry is at work breathing God’s Spirit into all of us. You have been faithful in your financial support.  People are showing care in a myriad of ways that GPC has a strong Christian presence in the community.  Special thanks to our video production folks, and our website masters, too. They are really good at juggling and getting better each week! 

In an online meeting with the Session (April 23rd) we decided it is best to be patient and to wait a few extra weeks to hold in-person services. Our tentative date for a service in the building is June 7th at 10 am.  We will not be doing in person Sunday School until a later date.  The Worship Committee will be working on a plan for the safest ways to be together.  We understand, as you do, that the Covid-19 virus will not be going away for some time. So, we must adjust to this reality. We will have to rethink several things that are a normal part of our worship experience.  We will release our plan within 2 weeks prior to meeting for in-person worship.

We have several items that must be dealt with on our calendar. However, we must first fix our opening date and then move forward. We will likely hold our Annual Meeting on the first day we can worship in the building. That meeting will follow worship. (The Annual Report is now available at the GPC office. You may call ahead to pick one up or request a copy be mailed to you).  Election of Elders and Deacons for the respective classes will also be a part of the Annual Meeting’s agenda.  We are proceeding with online confirmation classes. But we will wait until we can safely gather to hold our Confirmation Day service.  We will also hold our graduation Sunday and award the Matthew Anderson scholarship on a Sunday in the building.

Unfortunately, Traveling Day Camp (TDC) and the trip to Camp Krislund is canceled for this year. We hope to hold a special event for our children later this summer.  The Session voted to not hold our annual “Lemonade On the Lawn” event this year.  We are very hopeful to host this event in 2021.  And, out of regard for everyone’s safety and well-being, we will discontinue coffee hour (after each Sunday morning service) until further notice. We will also announce a date for the Moss Spring Cemetery clean-up once State officials deem it safe to gather for such events.

Taylor Berdahl, our seminarian from United Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg, has been invited to a program call the Hein-Fry Bible Literacy program.  She will conduct her program: “Biblical Literacy: Biblical Responses to Global Pandemic: Lament, Bodies, and Breath."   with GPC online.  She is looking for volunteers to join her group. It will meet online for 3 consecutive Wednesdays (6:30-8 PM via ZOOM) beginning May 13th.  If you would be interested in being a part of this group, please contact the Church office by phone or email.

As you can see we are juggling quite a few issues. But, as a Church, a part of the Body of Christ, you are demonstrating how the Spirit of God is moving through us and making a difference.  Of course, much patience is still required of us. We are fighting the good fight and we will finish our race thankful to the Lord who loves us and gives us strength! 

The Greencastle Presbyterian Church Session

Rev. Dr. Robert Cook, Interim Pastor







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