Worship service for September 14 will be within our community 3 blocks north of GPC

September 14 Mother Earth Festival at Jerome King Playground @ 10:00

"Morning Reflections"-The Earth Our Home  -an intergenerational way to start the day

Greencastle Mother Earth Festival

September Newsletter

Rally Day kicks off regular worship schedule on Sept. 7
8:45 Rally Day Breakfast in Social Room
9:30 Sunday School
10:45 Worship—Rally Day!—Communion

Aug. 31 Bulletin

Message: “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”
*NEXT WEEK is the start of our regular worship schedule with a fellowship time prior to Sunday School

August 24 Bulletin

Message: "Don't Let Nobody Take Your Joy"
Suzanne (Suzi) Souder is an Elder in the Mechanicsburg Presbyterian
Church, and has served the Presbytery of Carlisle as the Associate for
Communication and Office Management since 1986. Please extend a warm welcome to Suzi after the service this morning.

Time for Young Christians ‘Blessing of the Backpacks’