February Newsletter

What is happening at GPC in February?

Jan. 25 bulletin

Message: "Only an Invitation"

Follow me image from Mark 1:14-20

Questions for God’s People, the Church to consider:
So what are the nets that entangle us?
What are the little boats that contain our life?
Who are the fathers from whom we seek identity, value, or approval?
What do we need to let go of and leave behind so that we might follow him?

Jan. 18 bulletin

message: "How Do You Know Me?"

Questions to consider in light of today’s Message:

1. How might it alter your self-image to think of yourself as God's "work-in-progress?”
2. How does the message of belonging to God conflict with the domi-nant messages of our culture?
3. What do you think prevents a person from trying to "be Zusya" rather than to "be Moses?”

"I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing Light of your own Being."                                                                                                    ~ Hafiz, 14th century poet

"Imagination opens up possibility, but sometimes we do not dare to imagine something as beautiful as God."                                                                                             ~ Nanette Sawyer, 21st century

"Wonder is the basis of worship." ~ Thomas Carlyle, 19th century

Jan. 4 bulletin

message: "New Beginnings"

January 11 bulletin

Epiphany of the Lord

Message: "Star Followers"

We are celebrating “Epiphany” today in worship. Actually, Epiphany is January 6. But, what does it mean? What difference does it make? The Apostle Paul once described our understanding of God as be-ing like seeing through dark or frosted glasses. If someone was standing outside that window, we’d know they were there, but we’d have trouble working out who it was. It’s the same with seeing in the dark. We can pick up the broad outline, but we can’t make out much detail.

"I don't need to wait for the sky to open in front of me. On any day, I can wake up and choose to journey toward God.”                                                                                         ~ Suzanne Guthrie

Christmas Eve at GPC

January 2015 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Make a new year resolution to meet us at the 2015 GPC Retreat on May 29, 30 & 31, 2015.
(Running from 6:00 p.m. Friday to 2:00 p.m. Sunday.)

Find additional information about the location of this event at the website of Shepherd's Spring Outdoor Ministry Center in Sharpsburg, Maryland.