Mask Announcement - June 13, 2021 - to Congregation

As Clerk of the Session, I’m here to share an announcement this morning about mask wearing at GPC. We’ve learned to live with masks…..some masks have been plain, some full of bling, some disposable, but all have served a purpose.

Your Session revisited the topic of mask etiquette at the Session meeting this past Monday and decided mask wearing is no longer requested here at GPC. But, this doesn’t mean you won’t see people wearing masks on the property.

We recognize not all of us are old enough to be vaccinated, not all of us can be safely vaccinated, not all of us have chosen to be vaccinated and some, due to personal and private issues, who are fully vaccinated will continue to mask in different situations.

As we move forward together with Christ, your Session and Board of Deacons will continue to be concerned about your physical, emotional and spiritual health and respond with grace and care. Please join us in our COVID journey by responding with grace and care.

Stay safe and stay strong with Christ.


Jenn Robertson