By visiting the link above, you can donate to special offerings, general fund, investing in the future, per capita, or set up reoccurring gifts.

GPC fulfills our per capita every year supporting Carlisle Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly. Fulfilling your commitment to per capita will lower the financial obligation from the General Fund of GPC, thus reducing our budgeted amount. Please use the blue envelope in your envelope pack or the blue envelope in the pew to remit your Per Capita (per member) to the church office sometime during the month of January.

Why Per Capita? 
Per capita exists as a way for all Presbyterians to share costs that belong to the whole church, to give meaning to the interdependent nature Presbyterian polity.
Per Capita is part of the glue that holds Presbyterians together. It
exists to allow the whole church to share equitably in those things
that make us Presbyterian:
 our theological identity
 our connectedness
 our system of mid councils that allow elders and ministers
together to discern the mind of Christ
 our ecumenical connections that make us part of the
 our core structures that keep us together as a church
 our call to work for full participation in decision-making

In order to be good stewards for our presbytery, GPC gives the
balance on any per capita that is not paid by our members.
Help us in our goal to be good stewards and give your
per capita today!"

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