GPC is teaming up with Samaritan's Purse!
Can you help?
Boxes are ready and waiting at the church.
1. Pick up a box and head to the store.
2. Choose an age range and fill the box.
3. Label the box boy/girl and age range.
4. Include $9 shipping or pay online and you can follow your box. 
Please return by 11/15.
Thank you for helping us bless children around the world.
 Greencastle Presbyterian Church shares positive messages and drawings on the sidewalks around the church. 



Mission Work in Kentucky was a fruitful journey.


The Little Free Library (located in the grass in the
eastern side of the front of the church) is now
stocked with books! Kim Morrison, Debbie Wine, and Debbie Young will be stewards of the Library.
This means that they will try to keep the Library
stocked with hardbound and paperback books
for children, youth, and adults. The Besore Library has books
that have been donated to them for our use with our Library.
However we are in need of books for youth and adults.
The Mission Committee will be accepting any books you would
be willing to donate to the Library. Community members can get
one or more books from our Little Free Library, read and return
the book(s) and then take other books to read.
Have books you’d like to donate? Drop them off at the church
office or leave them in the workroom (next to the office) any time!
The Mission Committee feels that the Little Free Library is another
way that we can serve our community. Thank you for your
support of the project!

Class of 2021: Chris Johnston, Jim Papa, Debbie Young
Class of 2022: Erin Herrmann, Ami Myers, Craig Welterlen
Class of 2023: Dottie Davison, Kelsey Marshall 
Class of 2021: Anne Larew, Cindy Marconi, Bud Marshall
Class of 2022: Janice McClain, Keri Papa, Tim Walck
Class of 2023: Dee Patton, Debbie Wine 

This is for adults and children.

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