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Dec. 9 worship bulletin Sermon: “Under Construction” - Rev. Darlene Kline

Dec. 2 worship bulletin
Sermon: “Preparing for Jesus’ Birth” - Rev. Darlene Kline

November 25 worship bulletin
Sermon: “Christ the King” - Rev. Darlene Kline

November 18 worship bulletin
Sermon: “A Real Hope” -Taylor Dieringer

FROM THE PULPIT … Hello GPC! My name is Tay-lor Dieringer. As of late, I hail from Gettysburg, PA where I attend United Lutheran Seminary, but I'm originally from Austin, TX, where I grew up with my parents, two sis-ters, and a brother. I'm in the middle of my second year of seminary, where I also work for the admissions department coordinating prospective student visits. Thank you for welcoming me to your community and providing me with the opportunity to practice min-istry. Blessings!

November 11 worship bulletin
Sermon: "Status Quo" - Rev. Darlene Kline

November 4 worship bulletin
Sermon: "Elect God" - Rev. Darlene Kline

October 28 worship bulletin
Sermon: "Don’t Be Fearful, This is Not a Math Test!"
- Andrew Berdahl

FROM THE PULPIT … Hello GPC! My name is Andrew Berdahl and I am second year seminarian at ULS Gettysburg. I am so grateful to be with you in worship this morning. In addition to being a seminary student, I am a second lieutenant and chaplain candidate in the Pennsyl-vania Army National Guard. Watching baseball, exercising, enjoying craft beer, going on road trips, and playing with dogs are a few of my hobbies. I particularly enjoy “Dad Jokes.” I also really love the Church and getting to serve my country. Going to seminary was some-thing I wanted to do because my faith pushes me to meet people where they are at, hear their stories, and embody Christ’s love to them through this.

Oct. 21 bulletin
Sermon: Stewardship at its Best - Rev. Darlene Kline

Oct 7 bulletin
Sermon: "An Upside Down World" - Rev. Darlene Kline

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